English abbreviated version: MTB tours@TV Müllheim



This is an attempt to summarize most important information on MTB tours@TV Müllheim in English as well.

Meeting Point: Markgräfler Platz (Wilhelmstrasse) in Müllheim

Departure: sundays at 10.30 h

Please note, wearing bike helmets is a must.

FAQ on MTB tours

Will bikers ride at any wheather condition?

First, bike tours take place throughout the year. Only in case of strong rain at the time of planned deaprture bike tours will be cancelled; be aware rain-proof clothing will minimize impact. In case of snow conditions on tracks no bike tours will take place either for safety reasons.

How many biker s will paritcipate?

We are still a small group. Thus 2 to 5 bikers might be the rule.

Which extra equipment is required?

Gloves and bike glasses are essential. Be prepared to keep an extra spare tube in case of flats; better have a cell phone with you-by that we can communicate in case we lose contact in the woods.

Does one have to be a member of TV Müllheim to attend?

No, this is a free service of the sports association. Participants will even be insured in case of sports-related injuries. However, any new membership is appreciated in order to support the association further.

What is the typcial effort for a bike tour?

It is about 750-1000 m height and 25-30 km distance. Regular tours often take up to 3 h.

Which tour will be chosen?

The selection of a tour depends on capabilities of participants and will be decided prior to departure.